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eFusion partners with development platform providers and their resellers, providing common sense content management integrations. Our mission is to enable resellers to competitively leverage our solutions to close more business.  Partner with us so we can help you provide a more comprehensive content management platform to your customers.  Email is a strategic commerce enabler; however, it is an enormous ECM challenge.  Email Manager provides an integrated, end-user solution for leveraging the ECM to solve your customers’ email archival and tracking challenges.  There is no other solution in the market that can do what Email Manager does right out of the box!

Our reseller on-boarding approach is unique, as we understand the challenges associated with adding products to your portfolio.  Our Partner Program offers:

Generous Partner Discount Margins

The program consists of three partnership levels:

  • Platinum Partner Program is designed to offer the most competitive discounts for your organization to resell eFusion solutions to your existing and prospective clients, while also building your recurring revenue stream;
  • Gold Partner Program will help you grow your bottom line, while letting eFusion do the work for you.  Serving as a referral partner, eFusion will actively engage your customers on your behalf; and,
  • Master Distributor Program provides additional discount levels for those companies which already maintain and support a network of VARs.  Generous discounts allow you to pass margin along to your sales and distribution networks for both license and maintenance revenue.

Stage Software Environments

eFusion offers hosted demo and training environments to get your sales and training staff on-boarded as quickly as possible.  By providing hosted infrastructure, the sales and demonstration process is seamless.  Immediately begin to evaluate, demo and resell eFusion solutions, while your professional services team begins their hands-on training. NFR copies are always available to our partners for their own internal use and on-boarding–staged environments can be a temporary or long term solution based on your internal needs and requirements.

Co-branded Marketing Materials 

eFusion understands the challenge of integrating software as well as new products into your portfolio.  Creating the proper messaging and integrated marketing is critical to support your sales staff.  We have the expertise to work with you on a promotional package to help you market Email Manager through customizable product slicks, website and email content, for example. You will also have the option for eFusion to implement these marketing tools for you.  Members of our staff have over 30 years of high-tech marketing experience with some of the largest companies in the world.  By partnering with eFusion at this level, your organization will be able to quickly and easily convey the benefits of your company with eFusion solutions to help close sales.

Benefits of becoming a eFusion Partner

  • Increased ECM license sales: Email Manager helps to make the ECM strategic to running your customer’s business by significantly increasing ECM content storage through enabling emails to be tracked and stored in the ECM, not in the email system.
  • Incremental new sales: Email Manager is a disruptive technology that helps you become more competitive.  Given that users don’t have to learn, yet another application, to store emails AND documents, your customers’ change management worries are over.  If their users can work with email, they can work with Email Manager!

Our Partners

We are members of various prestigious partner programs that help us deliver top quality services and products.  Laserfiche is our primary ECM partner.


Laserfiche Run SmarterSince 1987, Laserfiche has used its Run Smarter philosophy to create simple and elegant enterprise content management solutions. More than 30,000 organizations worldwide—including federal, state and local government agencies and Fortune 1000 companies—use Laserfiche software to streamline documents, records and business process management.

Being a Laserfiche Professional Development Partner (PDP) means eFusion has access to the tools, expertise, and support needed to develop high quality and robust customizations/integrations with Laserfiche, a leading global Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. With direct access to Laserfiche support and software, we can take full responsibility for the operation of your software solution. You don’t have to deal with finger pointing and coordinating multiple vendors for support: if something goes wrong, we can contact Laserfiche and make sure everything gets resolved and runs smoothly.  One of eFusion’s Executives has won two “Running Smarter” awards from Laserfiche (Commercial Division) for his innovative implementation of the Laserfiche RIO Suite and Email Manager before coming to work at eFusion.