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Alexander HeadshotAlexander Cajko works for one of the world’s leading providers of trust and corporate management services.  With over 1,500 specialists working from 33 offices in 24 countries, including the world’s most important financial centers.  Client service is key to the the business model, hence email communications and records are critical to their ongoing services and customer relationships.  For document management, records management, and workflow, the IT department standardizes the business on Laserfiche.  In 2013, Email Manager was selected to automate, track, and classify email communications due to its seamless integration with Laserfiche.


We need to store all client material in a central location. As we store all client related material in a central Document Management System (Laserfiche) we needed a method to store communications with the client in this same repository. Providing a single source of all documentation & communications. Without a solution, emails were printed and stored in a physical location. Making it time consuming to find communications. We’d tried other products before we found Email Manager, but there were issues with support, software stability, and integration with Laserfiche.Linkedin Logo

-Alexander Cajko, IT Project Manager
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IT Department Perspective

From an IT perspective the requirements are: minimal impact to infrastructure for performance and alignment with our architecture (Exchange servers & Microsoft centric Environment).  The product also needed to be light weight with a simple architecture to minimize IT support team headaches associated with deployment and support. One of the main requirements was the ability for the application to leverage our existing database configurations and data structures standardized in other systems.  Laserfiche has this feature and we also needed it available separately as part of the email management features.  No other applications on the market had these features.  Synchronization across Outlook users and de-duplication were also high on the IT requirements list as the volume of email is vast and highly distributed.  We needed a solution that was intelligent enough to handle distributed and automated updating of email conversations in next to real time, while also ensuring multiple copies of emails would not be duplicated on the Laserfiche server.

Business Perspective

Without email management, emails were printed and stored in a physical location – making it time consuming to find communications.  Now emails, attachments, and other electronic documents are stored in one place where they are easily searchable & available to all colleagues (who have access of course).  If not printed, emails would be trapped in Outlook or individuals would spend a great deal of time manually filing with drag-and-drop. With Email Manager, we can now automatically track and classify entire email threads complete with attachments, and instantly upload to Laserfiche. Email Manager’s ‘tag-once’ technology enables users, in a single action, to classify all emails and attachments sent and received in a given thread or conversation.

Esther Drost HeadshotOne of our favorite features is the ability for Email Manager Rules to automatically classify emails without any manual intervention – saving more time.

-Esther Drost, Business Analyst

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Email Manager has been implemented in the Netherlands, Hong Kong, and Curacao regional centers and will be the standard application used for all our offices going forward. It has proven itself.  It’s clear that CMA, as a company, has the right knowledge of integration technology’s and delivers extremely well built solutions.

-Alexander Cajko, IT Project Manager

Since implementing Email Manager, we will recapture thousands of productivity hours.  Saving 1-2 minutes per email with an average of 50 emails filed and searched each day per person equates to 375,000 hours per year across our 1500 employees.  The productivity gains and simplicity make it easier for the employees to adopt, which means company documents and communications are complete and in compliance with industry and government regulations.


In addition to increased compliance and minimized risk, organizations are gaining 30-60 minutes per person per day in productivity with integrated search, archiving, and automation features provided by the solution. This is a powerful business case for conducting all your business inside email—and staying there—leaving Email Manager to save you time and money.

Email Manager also integrates with Microsoft Sharepoint and EMC.


  • Organizing Communications for Filing and Search
  • Workflow and Business Process Management
  • Records Management and Compliance

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