Email Manager


Email Manager from eFusion extends the functionality of Microsoft OutLook and Exchange to seamlessly interoperate with a company’s ECM.  From within OutLook, the user is empowered to classify emails based on a required set of metadata defined by their company’s ECM.  Once this has been done and the email has been sent, the email and its attachments are automatically stored in the ECM by the Email Manager Admin Console.  Each subsequent email associated with the original email will be automatically classified (based on the original set of metadata) and stored in the ECM, as well.  At any time, the originator of the email thread can easily retrieve all correspondences (from everyone involved) and attachments right from within OutLook. 

No other vendors’ product can do this!  And this is just the beginning!

Email Manager FeaturesOutlook Add-InAdmin Console
Uses Exchange Properties or API for Conversation TrackingYes
Task Pane FeaturesYes
Preview Pane FeaturesYes
Ribbon FeaturesYes
Configured byAdmin/UserAdmin Only
Set up content Types/FieldsYes
Set up default FoldersYes
Smart SearchYes
Launch ECM SearchYes
Email classification–Initial sendYes
Email classification–subsequent sends for entire threadAutomaticAutomatic
Assign email/attachment metadata–initial sendYes
Assign email/attachment metadata–subsequent sends for entire threadAutomaticAutomatic
Update email metadataYesYes
Archive file attachments without sending emailYes
Archive Multiple Emails at onceYesYes
Archive emails as MSG/EMl/TIFF or PDFYesYes
Archive attachments in their native formatYesYes
Archive OST contents including attachmentsYes
OCR emails being archived before indexingYes
Archive complete Mailbox or Selectable Folders while maintaining folder structureYes
Supports ECM Dynamic Fields/Lookups/Dropdowns/Key FieldsYesYes
Supports DeduplicationYesYes
Syncs Data Across UsersYesYes
Supports SQL ConnectorsYesYes
Admin Controls for Attachments/Versioning/LinksYesYes
Centralized Deployment and StandardizationYesYes
Supports Rules and PoliciesAdmin/UserAdmin Only
Connects to Mail ServerYes
Connects to MailboxesYes
Supports One to Many RulesYes
Supports Many to OneYes
Shared/Public FoldersYes
Email Clients supported:OutLook/Office365/Gmail/POP3 clientsYesYes
Email Servers supported: Microsoft ExchangeYes
ECMs/CMSes supportedLaserfiche/ECM AX/SharePointLaserfiche/ECM AX/SharePoint
Priced PerDesktopMailbox