10 Things Email Manager Does to Facilitate Tracking Email on Laserfiche

LF RepositoryTop 10 Ways Email Manager Integrates Outlook & Laserfiche

Email is a valued asset for so many companies running Laserfiche, yet most are still waiting for a simple, easy to use integration, connecting these two mission critical applications. Imagine email management technologies, which extend the functionality of Laserfiche into each email message as if it were a native function of Outlook; technology that could track and classify email conversations for you automatically and upload it to Laserfiche while you continue to focus on what’s needed to run your business.

Email Manager from CMA offers this tight integration with our customized Outlook interface that utilizes indexing fields from Laserfiche.

Many have asked how the integration works, and the following summarizes the 10 ways Email Manager integrates with Laserfiche to simplify email management for the end-users as well as the IT department:

  1. Auto-Archiving: Create rules and conditions for email, sent, received, or folders and Email Manager will apply the appropriate Laserfiche index values for automated classification and archiving.
  2. Tag-once technology: Based on your existing Laserfiche configuration, you decide the fields you want to capture from each template. Tag it once and Email Manager will track the entire conversation, attachments, and related documents. Email Manager also allows you to automatically capture any of the 100+ native email fields like To, From, Date, and Subject without any additional data entry.
  3. Track threads via tags: once a thread is tagged, all email and attachments in that thread—sent before and after the tagged email—are automatically stored within Laserfiche
  4. Automatic archiving: once a rule or condition is met or the end-user hits “send,” emails and their attachments are archived to Laserfiche
  5. Related Documents Search: The meta-data stored with emails is used to connect and search emails, scanned images, imported files, and other content types all from within Outlook. Query related documents stored in Laserfiche in seconds without having to login or create a search.
  6. Type-ahead lookups for any meta data fields: save time and ensure accuracy
  7. Configurable look-ups: Provide additional lookups that are not already configured in Laserfiche. Map to from additional data sources to streamline or eliminate the initial data entry.
  8. Default Fields: Allow users to set default templates and fields to streamline or eliminate the initial data entry.
  9. Configuration and Deployment: Configure from your existing Laserfiche settings in minutes and the admin console generates a MSI deployment package automatically for email distribution. IT doesn’t have to touch machines and users install with a few clicks.
  10. Sync and Authentication: Client side and server side authentication ensure administrators and end-users always have the latest Laserfiche configuration settings, data sources are filtered based on access rights, and your deployments are synchronized.

Let these be your top 10 reasons to consider implementing Email Manager from CMA.

Below are our two short video highlighting the integration with Laserfiche.

Email Manager Laserfiche: Demo Part I

Email Manager Laserfiche: Demo Part II