Email Automation, Compliance, and Productivity

Manx Business Solutions

Manx Business Solutions (MBS) helps their customers better manage critical information and documents with Email Manager and Laserfiche. In today’s economy, organizations are investing in technology to increase productivity efficiency, mitigate risk and meet the ever increasing burden of compliance. As the primary source for much of the information we create and consume today is email, this must be part of an integrated solution.

MBS discovered many of their customers were seeking a way to manage email storage with the same ease and automation provided by Laserfiche. Seamless integration with Laserfiche along with a quick and easy way to categorize emails by client were also prerequisites.

Businesses subject to compliance requirements had the additional requirement for an organized paper trail; making the management of growing document volumes exchanged through email an additional challenge.

Prior to Email Manager, the only way to file emails was to drag-and-drop individual messages into their corresponding folders. However, with Email Manager, you can now automatically track and classify entire email threads complete with attachments, and instantly upload to Laserfiche. Email Manager’s ‘tag-once’ technology enables users, in a single action, to classify all emails and attachments sent and received in a given thread.

Email Managers integration with Laserfiche ensures that all relevant emails and attachments can be found in one central repository. This makes it an ideal choice for any organization governed by compliance standards or simply interested in increasing productivity. Compliance officers and auditors are also provided with a single integrated audit trail.

Rupert Leaton, Managing Director, Manx Business SolutionsFor certain companies, the ability to keep track of every single emailed correspondence isn’t just a convenience – it’s vital to their success. One of our customers, Voisin Law, would not have bought Laserfiche if not for Email Manager’s ability to archive emails on send. Since each case has a unique number, all they have to do is tag an email with the proper case number and from there, Email Manager makes sure that every related email is automatically placed in the client’s file. The amount of time saved is immeasurable – which, in terms of billable hours, is something I’m quite sure their clients appreciate, too!

– Rupert Leaton, Managing Director, Manx Business Solutions

Since partnering with CMA, MBS now offers a comprehensive email management and archiving solution, utilizing Laserfiche as the foundation and Email Manager for the necessary email integration. This powerful combination enabled MBS to replace Filetek by Trusted Edge at one of its largest customers in the financial services industry. The key drivers for change included Email Manager’s ability to trigger workflows, auto tag, and support the client’s document retention requirements.

In addition to increased compliance and minimized risk, organizations are gaining 30-60 minutes per person per day in productivity gains through the integrated search, archiving, and automation features provided by this solution. This is a powerful argument for conducting all your business inside email—and staying there—leaving Email Manager to save you time and money.

Email Manager Applications:

  • Correspondence Management
  • Workflow and Business Process Management
  • Records Management and Compliance

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